Gorgeous day in Oxford

Oxford, England
See ya mates, hello some other place! Pumped to reunite with my roomie and see her mothaland✈️🇬🇧 @oxfordbelle
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, New York

Summa summa time!
  • two months, I’m moving to New York City to start grad school. Woah that was fast.


  • ☝️Habit of Solo Sunday adventures starts now


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    Rainy morning in Florida

Welcome to my near 20 pound weight gain! These two were taken about a year apart. In the picture on the left, I was just starting out with lifting weights. The picture on the right is a year of lifting and (almost) a year of eating a vegan diet :)
Oh, and I’m also 6 feet tall

Don’t be deceived by the number on the scale, people!

    Miss Daria

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